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    Zoen Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing member manner dentistry using the international dental standards, it is a special medical facility which is offering people the optimal dental care and leading the dental health into a new and the latest fashions.
    Zoen Dental office is committed to dental implants and replacing occlusional functions, gentle restorative aesthetics and the best treatment's plans of tooth implants, porcelains, orthodontics and periodontal aesthetics. We are providing you the wonderful dental implants and aesthetic services in a contemporary, soothing environment with the advanced equipments, unparalleled skills, safe aseptic technique, individual services and an international philosophy of dental care.
    People can make an appointment by telephones here to save your time and facilitate your life and job. Meanwhile, our receptionists' smile and warmth, smooth music and comfortable waiting rooms are helping you choose the right dental office —— Zoen Dental Clinic.
Our Philosophy Of Care
· We are trying to make a relationship in respect and trust.
· We treat you as our family and friends.
· We'll keep improving our services.
· We'll make your dream having health teeth come true without distress
   and fear.
· Our team is willing to assist with an individual services.
· We are making every effort to give each patient the most advanced
   medical technology and very kind dental care.
· We are having a dentist team who was in a professional  trainings to make a big difference to your smile.
Wish You Can Be Happy Everyday Is Our Dream
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we are  trying hard to be the artist team, not only the dentist.

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 Dentist Resume
 Hu Guodong —— President of Zoen Dental Clinic.
·Graducated from Shanghai the Second Medical University as a dentist in 
·Received a Master Degree in dental implant from the university of
 California, America, in 2008.
·Obtained a Master Degree in dental implant from the International Dental
   Education University.
·Nobel Biocar Training.
·AIC Training in maxillary sinus graft implant.
·Graduate of Osstem AIC for the advanced training in soft tissue and bonegraft.
·Completed a certificate program in prosthesis of implants and aesthetic.
·Received an education in the soft tissue of implants aesthetic.
·Finished a program in an implant aesthetic from New York University.
·Training in an advanced surgery of dental implants and prosthetic.
·A-Z implant training from the International Implant College.
·Finished the program in Ankylos Dental Implant System.
·Training in the dental implant surgery of Basic-3D.
·Certificate in the advanced implants from California Implant Center,
·Accepted into the program in the experts of bone graft materials.
·A member of the International Dental Implant Dentist Association, AIC
 Implant Association of South Korea.
·MBA from Antai Administration College of Shanghai Jiaotong University.
    He has studied the dental program with the teachers who are Sascha A . Jovanovic, a director of dental implant of California University, America. Dr . Henry Takei, an expert of periodental aesthetic, Dr Patrick Henry and Dr . Joseph Kan, experts of implants prosthetic. Dr . Andre Saadoun, an expert of implant prosthetic.
    Interests: Aesthetic implants for the front teeth, prosthesis of porcelain cosmetic, less-invasive implants, immediate implants, immediate prosthetics and plenty of experience in many complicated cases, such as the maxillary sinus graft and onlay bone graft and so on.   
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Tooth Whitening Systems 


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Six Months Smile Orthodontics



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3M LAVA CADCAM Ceramic crown



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Root Canal Treatment 


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Aesthetic  brackets


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